Waterjet Cutting Services Are Incredibly Precise and Versatile

Why Choose Waterjet Cutting?
Waterjet Cutting RingsWaterjet cutting is a perfect choice for projects requiring highly detailed cutting. This method of cutting materials provides exceptional quick and accurate cuts on the following materials:
  • Stainless steel
  • Mild steel
  • Aluminum
  • Granite and marble
  • Stone
The technology behind waterjet cutters is the same that is used for pressure washers. In the case of the cutting machine, the stream of water is concentrated to between 30,000-90,000 psi and is powerful enough to cut through solid steel of varying thicknesses. It is common for an abrasive such as garnet to be added to the water in order to enhance the cutting ability of the stream.
Waterjet cutters can be used for custom cutting work or for larger scale mass productions. Most waterjet cutting companies offer fully automated cutting machines that are computer controlled. Having the process computer controlled helps to remove the human error that is naturally a factor in terms of accuracy and tolerance of the cuts.
Waterjet cutting machines can generally be operated in three modes that are useful for different material thicknesses and result in unique tolerances. These modes are:
  • Production
  • Precision
  • Sever
Power, Accuracy and Safety
Many types of cutting technologies use dangerous chemicals or potentially harmful gases in order to generate the extreme heat needed to cut the materials that a waterjet cutter can cut through using only water. The types of cutters that rely on heat consistently run the risk of overheating themselves. Waterjet cutters rely on the erosive qualities of water at very high pressures and do not have the same potential for overheating. Workers in these facilities are not exposed to any of the harmful waste products other cutting methods can produce. This results in a safer work environment for those workers who are frequently exposed to the cutting area.
Some materials can have their structural compositions compromised or altered when they are exposed to high concentrations of heat. Waterjet cutters are perfect choices for cutting materials that are heat sensitive because they achieve precision cuts with minimal heat generation.
The almost laser-like accuracy of waterjet cutters virtually eliminates wasted materials and helps to keep costs manageable for clients. The absence of hazardous waste byproducts can mean considerable savings on waste removal costs.
Waterjet Cutting Services
Whenever waterjet cutting services are required, it is important to choose the company best suited to fulfill the project needs. It is important to research the available companies to ensure that the finished product is exactly as it needs to be and to minimize the chance of disappointment.
Visiting a company's facilities can provide valuable insight into the types of projects the company can handle and the efficiency of the staff employed. Choosing a company with a facility that is able to handle a wide range of projects and a staff that is both dedicated and experienced is one of the best ways to ensure a successful project completion.
The waterjet cutting machine and table being used can be an indication of a company's level of dedication to providing technologically sound equipment. As waterjet technology evolves, the accuracy increases and companies that employ the latest technologies show a strong resolve to providing the best products possible.
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